PPRI produces investigative reports and analysis on socially relevant topics. Researchers at PPRI have extensive experience with complex research design and data analysis methods for policy studies on the state and national level. Our studies are cost-effective, evidence-based, focused, and designed to communicate effectively to target audiences. We work closely with clients to define the scope of research, the intended impact, and audience. Additionally, PPRI researchers draw upon our wide range of in-house expertise as well as the world-class faculty at Texas A&M University. Our data-driven research is based on state-of-the-art methods, including:

  • Statistical and Econometric Analyses

  • Focus Groups, Listening Sessions, and In-Person Interviews

  • Case Studies

  • Best Practices and Evaluation Research

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Our staff specializes in applying leading quantitative and qualitative methodologies in conducting policy analyses. By weaving results from surveys, focus groups, case studies and statistical analyses, PPRI provides policymakers with reports designed to inform the decision-making process. Over time, PPRI has conducted policy analyses of virtually every size from small needs assessments to cost-benefit analyses utilizing statewide databases (8 million+ records). The ability to blend methodologies allows PPRI to better describe the policy landscape and provide policy recommendations based upon more complete information.


PPRI develops and maintains secure databases for both archiving data and allowing for custom, automated reporting. These include data collected and housed for international, national, state, local, and private entities. Databases developed and maintained by PPRI can be made available to policy and academic researchers for secondary analysis. Researchers at PPRI are able to establish, manage, and statistically analyze large archival and longitudinal databases with the latest statistical analysis techniques in order to answer complex policy-relevant research questions.


For more than 35 years we have conducted hundreds of surveys across a variety of research areas with thousands of respondents. PPRI has the capability to design and test any kind of survey instrument. We create web-based survey questionnaires and instruments programmed for telephone interviewing, in-person field interviews and can offer a customized, multi-modal approach. PPRI researchers also develop programs allowing survey data to be collected on notepad computers in the field with real-time data encryption. In addition, we have the expertise for developing a wide-range of sampling strategies including GIS database utilization to produce cluster samples and maps for in-person household interviewing.

In addition to survey data collection, PPRI is experienced in analyzing survey data and bringing that analysis to bear on policy and related questions. We specialize in developing complex sample designs that often require weighting and error estimation procedures that are beyond the usual scope of methods used in more basic or routine surveys.