Established by the Texas State Legislature in 1983 at Texas A&M University, the Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) serves as a leading interdisciplinary government and social policy research organization. Since inception, PPRI has secured external research contracts totaling $136 million for providing scientific research and evaluative services to more than 90 public and private sponsors engaged in formulating public policy.

Social problems related to the areas of government, education, public health, substance abuse, workforce and employment, aging, and child and family well-being provide the substantive focus of PPRI’s work. Through the application of sophisticated research methods, PPRI successfully designs scientific projects that predict and evaluate the effectiveness of local, state, regional, national, and international programs and initiatives.

Each year, PPRI administers 100,000 phone, 300,000 mail, and 10,000 in-person survey interviews.

The Institute possesses the analytical as well as technical capabilities to engage in survey design and administration, policy research, statistical analysis, program evaluation, and electronic information and data systems development and management. Moreover, PPRI maintains the infrastructure and experience for satisfying a broad range of research and survey demands including: automated mailing capabilities, electronic data entry and optical scanners, and a centrally monitored Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) survey laboratory.

As the largest public survey research organization in Texas, PPRI effectively administers 100,000 phone, 300,000 mail, and 10,000 in-person survey interviews each year. Working with population size data systems, the Public Policy Research Institute gathers, analyzes, generates, and interprets data that influence policy development at all levels of government and society.