Justice plays an important role in development as its own separate field but also as a factor influencing economic development. The latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) incorporate access to justice for all (SDG 16.3) as an important component to build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions which in turn will support other development goals such as eliminating poverty, environmental protection, peace and stability, and gender equality. Access to justice is particularly important for vulnerable populations such as the poor, women, minorities, children, and persons with disabilities.

There is a particular knowledge gap on the impacts of access to justice, or lack of it, on poverty and well-being at the household level. Our project:

  • Drafts a literature review of quantitative and qualitative impact evaluations on access to justice at the household levels

  • Develops a conceptual framework for assessing different categories of impacts

  • Develops a Policy Notes analyzing findings of the literature review


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  • Systematic Review of the Literature


  • George Naufal, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)

  • Emily Naiser, Ph.D. (Co-Principal Investigator)

  • Ashley Myers