As a university locus for the discussion of public policy issues, PPRI is frequently requested to produce investigative reports and analysis on socially relevant topics. Researchers at PPRI have extensive experience with complex research design and data analysis methods for policy studies in the areas of public health, public opinion, education policy, economic development, natural resources, criminal justice, primary elections, children with disabilities, and senior citizens. PPRI has produced studies for the Texas House and Senate committees on topics ranging from prison overcrowding to home childcare policies.

Our carefully-planned public policy studies are cost-effective, evidence-based, focused, and designed to communicate effectively to target audiences. Our rigorous research design and analyses add to public understanding of important local, state, and national issues.

We work closely with clients to define the scope of research, the intended impact, and audience. Additionally, PPRI researchers are able to draw upon our wide range of in-house expertise as well as the world-class faculty at Texas A&M University.

Our data-driven research is based on state-of-the-art methods, including:

  • Statistical and Econometric Analyses
  • Phone, Online, Mail, and In-Person Surveys
  • Focus groups, Listening Sessions, and In-Person Interviews
  • Case studies
  • Best-practices and Evaluation Research