PhD (Political Science, University of Oregon, 2002)

Areas of Interest:

Program evaluation designs, needs assessment, policy analysis, comparative case studies, performance indicator development and other quality improvement initiatives primarily in the areas of public health and higher education.


Nandita Chaudhuri is a research scientist in the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University. She has over twenty two years of experience in researching, designing, implementing, managing and evaluating multi-site public program interventions, especially in the area of public health and higher education. At PPRI, she has led research initiatives funded by several state and federal agencies and more than fifteen major program evaluation projects. She has extensive experience with highly complex program evaluation design development and implementation. As a principal investigator, her projects have been funded by Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Texas Education Agency, Center for Disease Control, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the World Health Organization. In the realm of higher education, her work has informed policy development in developmental education, college readiness, teacher preparation, adult literacy & career pathways, workforce development, off-campus work study programs as well as Texas high school redesign reforms. In the realm of public health, studies led by her have shaped Texas policies in maternal and child health, medical transportation for Medicaid recipients, Title V five-year needs prioritization, children with special health care needs, substance abuse and mental health. Her program evaluation work primarily involves mixed methods qualitative and quantitative approaches within the contours of quasi-experimental designs that help develop the necessary evidence base in a social scientific manner. Prior to PPRI, her previous background in interdisciplinary program evaluation research includes the Canadian primary health care sector; Race and Ethnic Studies Institute and the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy at Texas A&M University. She has presented her research in various national and international professional conferences and authored several university and government research reports, cabinet decision papers, white papers as well as peer-reviewed publications. She has also taught comparative policy courses at the University of Regina, University of Oregon and Texas A&M University.