PhD Curriculum & Instruction, Texas A&M University
Masters Curriculum & Instruction, Texas A&M University
BFA Art Education Virginia, Commonwealth University
BFA Crafts Virginia, Commonwealth University


Dr. Waller works for Texas A&M University’s Public Policy Research Institute where she is involved in research projects that are aimed at improving health services sponsored by the state. She is especially skilled at organizing and scheduling data collection, along with conducting successful interviews in a positive, professional, and compassionate manner.

Previously, as a university instructor, Dr. Waller taught students to understand diversity and realize its importance in all aspects of society. Her doctoral dissertation was based on a project she devised for a course on multiculturalism in education. She assigned the preservice teachers in her classes to research their family background and found they were surprised at the diversity they discovered in their own heritage. Dr. Waller’s research examined the students’ opinions of diversity before and after the project and reported a very positive change that would serve them well as teachers.

Areas of Interest:

Education, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Genealogy, Art