Emily Naiser

Project Director

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  • MPH, Epidemiology
  • PhD, Health Services Research (in progress)

Areas of Interest:

  • Children with special health care needs
  • Home health care
  • Health services
  • Assessment development and testing
  • Maternal and child health


For over ten years, Emily Naiser has collaborated on projects in a range of disciplines at PPRI, including public health, K-12 education and higher education. She has utilized both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to ascertain program effectiveness and develop best practice recommendations to state-level policymakers. But her vast experience has been devoted to assessing the healthcare service needs of children with special health care needs.

Emily currently leads the data collection and data analysis for validity and reliability testing a statewide assessment for children in Medicaid. She has previously developed and tested similar instruments assessing children’s health care needs for the state of Texas. With these experiences, she understands the importance of creating instruments that balance the needs of a variety of stakeholders (individuals with disabilities, state health agencies, disability advocacy groups, care provider organizations), ensuring measures are valid, reliable and useful and involving individuals with disabilities and caregivers in the assessment process. After data analysis, the research will be used to guide policy implementation in Texas. Additionally, Emily Naiser is working with a research team to develop a tool for providers to assist children with special healthcare needs through transition care. This work aims to include those with disabilities and their advocates in the process, address gaps in the field and create a tool that is comprehensive and well-tested.

Beyond instrument development and testing, Emily has been critical in PPRI’s work on various Title V Maternal and Child Health Services grants. She has conducted community needs assessments and evaluations of various programs aiming to improve the health and well-being of women and children.



Resume / CV:

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