2012 Texas School Survey Data Sets

2012 Texas School Survey Data Sets2017-01-03T10:56:49+00:00

Sponsor: Texas Department of State Health Services

Period of Data Collection: DEC 1, 2011 through JUN 1, 2012

Citation: Texas Department of State Health Services. (2013). Texas School Survey of Substance Use 2012, public use data file and documentation accessed on

[DATE]. College Station, TX: Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University [distributor], 2013.

For details on sampling, survey administration, and data processing procedures, please view the 2012 Methodology Report.




** Please note: Weights are applied to each case and should be used when conducting analyses. The weights ensure the aggregation of students reflect their proportion at the state level. The weighting variable is WT2 in both the elementary and secondary datasets.